No Sell Means No Service Fee

Our clients can expect service beyond the standard level. Our agents will go supercharged to sell your property and accomplish your goal. We are passionate about real estate. We love what we do, We treat every vendor as if they are our first client. We give our cent percent focus to each individual clients. We are proud of our commitments to the job. Our agents are skilled and well equipped in every aspect of the real estate industry. We use the most advanced and latest technologies available in the industry. We treat the client's property as our own. So, the advice we make, will be genuine. We believe a property needs to be sold fast but getting the highest price possible at the same time. We are here to help you achieving your goal in the smoothest way possible. Our target is to give positive and successful experiences for each of our vendors. 

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Realhelp service explaination. Relhelp is making the buying and selling process smooth and hassall free for its clients. A high tech, modern and transparent real estate agency
Our Service in a Nutshell

Transparent Fee Structure

We pride ourselves for our transparency. We do not play hide and seek with our clients. We understand it is a crucial decision to make for our clients. We help our clients understanding the ins and outs related to costing. The cost is divided into two parts.

a. The Marketing cost

b. The Success Fee

Marketing Cost: The client needs to pay an upfront cost for the marketing package they choose. There are different marketing packages available to our clients. The packages have been designed with thorough research, which will cover the expectations and budgets of any of our clients. Our expert agents will be delighted to show and advise you the marketing plans that will suit your property the most.

Success Fee: We will charge the service fee only when the property is sold. If the property does not get sold we will not charge any service fee. 

Service Options

We have designed 3 different options for our clients. It is up to our clients to choose from the various options.


Fixed Price 'Extreme Saver'

This is our lowest Fee, standard service option for you. The total cost for this service package is $6900 +GST. The fee is payable in two parts. 

Non-Refundable, Upfront Marketing and Setup Fee: $2500 + GST (The marketing fee may vary depending on the area your property is located at. If there are any changes on the advertisement fee, you will be advised of the accurate amount during the appraisal.)

Success Fee: $4400 + GST

Fixed Price 'The Golden Duck'

This is our high end fixed price option for you. This package has more marketing options, which will help to boost up the sales campaign. This package has been designed for a quicker and greater outcome. The total cost for this service package is $7900 +GST. The fee is payable in two parts. 

Non-Refundable, Upfront Marketing and Setup Fee: $3500 + GST (The marketing fee may vary depending on the area your property is located at. If there are any changes on the advertisement fee, you will be advised of the accurate amount during the appraisal.)

Success Fee: $4400 + GST

The Good Old Commissions

We have done our research and found out that, it is still the most preferable way for most of the vendors when it comes to hiring an agent. We want to serve our clients in every way possible. But Real Help's main goal is to save for its vendors. Hence we are offering approximately three times lower service fee than a lot of other real estate agents around. Real Help will only charge a good

0.98% + GST as a success fee.

There is a Non-Refundable, Upfront Marketing and Setup Fee payable. In this case, vendors are encouraged to choose any of our marketing packages. the upfront marketing cost will depend on the price of the marketing package the client chooses.


Researched Property Appraisal

We will do a thorough research on your property as well as your area. We will present you with a fully equipped CMA report, which will give you a clear understanding about the current property market

Most Advanced Marketing

Your property will be advertised at all those places where the buyers look the most. All your marketing costs are inclusive to the marketing fee .

Fair Service Fee

We charge a very low service fee. You will be paying a fair fee but without any compromise to the service standards.

You Get What you See

Nothing is Hidden 

We believe that, our service quality is the best and we are very confident about our trustworthiness. Everything is explained on our website regarding our service structure. 

Experienced Agents 

Our agents are industry experts with huge knowledge and skills. They are well equipped to provide you the service you deserve. 

Don't Pay The Service Fee, If Property Is Not Sold

Very simple, If we can't sell your property, we don't charge you the service fee. 



Our Clients will save on an average $13200 on each property they sell. We've kept our service fee very low, so that it is fair and comfortable for our clients. Also  the marketing packages have been designed for all levels of properties in terms of value. This strategy puts us ahead of the competition from other traditional agents. The vendor saves money by not paying the hefty commissions.

What We Do

Open Homes/Negotiations



We shall provide you the Property Appraisal on our first appointment with you. We shall research your property's ins and outs and prepare an elaborate comparative market analysis for you. We shall have an in-depth discussion on all the related topics about your property. At the end of the meeting, you can expect to have a true picture of your property's value and how we can work together to achieve your goals.



Once you are satisfied with all your inquiries and appoint us as your agent. We shall start advertising your property, as per your choice of the marketing package.

After the appraisal our agents will be able to suggest you the most suitable marketing plan for you. Each property is unique in it's own way. So we carefully assess the property and also the vendor's needs and expectations before advising on the marketing strategies.


We shall organize all the open homes for you. Our experienced agents will be negotiating the price with different buyers on behalf of you. Again you are in good hands and can have peace of mind knowing our agents will get you the best possible price



We shall guide you through every step from the beginning to the end. Remember we are not getting paid unless we have completed our jobs properly. Our agents will help you on each and every questions that you might have regarding the settlement and also will give you proper instructions on what to do

Most of all, you can be worry free as we shall handle everything for you 




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